Meet Sherry Platt, MA

Sherry Platt is a Career Counselor and Recruiter with over 20 years of experience advising everyone from professional executives, and trades professionals, to recent college grads, mid-life and wisdom years career changers as well as back2work moms and dads, on how to clarify the work they want AND discover jobs or entrepreneurial paths that are deeply satisfying.

Sherry has a Masters’s degree in Counseling specializing in Life Transitions from the University of San Francisco and a bachelor’s in Broadcast Management from the University of Florida. She is also an Interfaith Spiritual Director and soon to be Certified Spiritual Advisor.

To help her clients make career decisions for themselves, Sherry combined her years of recruiting and career experience and drew from therapeutic foundations based on Buddhism and Western Psychology, Kabbalism, and Shamanic Traditions to create The STEPS Career System.

Sherry’s mission in life is to help people be at peace with themselves and happy in their work because happier more satisfied people are the ones who can truly make a positive impact in our world. She’s convinced that’s why the first 4 letters in Career are C.A.R.E.

In 2022 Sherry launched The STEPS Career Academy with the hope of teaching the STEPS Career System to as many people as possible because …

When we love our work, we can heal the world.

Learn more about Sherry’s professional background on LinkedIn.

Blog and Vlogs

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