Résumé Love

by | May 1, 2022

You would think that after 20+ years of reading, writing, reviewing, and screening literally thousands of résumés, I’d be sick to death of them.

Not at all.

I actually love the process of helping my clients inventory their professional lives and achievements and realize their accomplishments. I am often deeply moved by how difficult this is for most people. When we dig deep during the STEPS Skills inventory, many clients experience intense emotions, from tears to fears because they are terrified that after a lifetime of experience, they have nothing to offer. It doesn’t matter if clients are from Ivy League schools, are “C” level executives, caregivers, or in the trades, most people have a difficult time acknowledging the good in themselves.

Resuming Love for Oneself

Our résumé seminars are called “Resume Love” because a good résumé writing experience is about learning to resume love for oneself. This is why I am a huge proponent of not paying someone else to write your professional story. If you are disengaged from the creation of your resume, it will not hold the intention and energy needed to take you in the direction you want to go.

Think about it… if you can’t look at yourself in a positive light, then you can’t expect others to either.

Take the first STEP toward growing your career!

Creating your résumé should be an empowering experience because you are taking the proactive STEPS to grow yourself and your career. This is a big deal, one that we celebrate here at The STEPS Career Academy where we offer a step-by-step process to writing a great resume you can feel good about.

The Resume Love seminar offers the following:

A recruiter’s perspective about what employers and recruiters are looking for in resumes.

Step-by-step directions about how a resume should be formatted, and why.

An overview of different resumes for different employment sectors and varying levels of experience.

How to adapt your resume for each job.
Key phrases to embrace and stay away from.

Resume templates that are most valuable in today’s job market.

Resume do’s and dont’s.

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