Have You Sacrificed the Work You Love, to BE Loved?

by | May 1, 2022

As a child, doing what you love is innate. Playing, singing, creating, and exploring are instinctive – right up until someone judges, shames, or withdraws their approval of you. This is when your choices start to become influenced by criticism externally and internally as well. As children, we are truly vulnerable, so the fear of being alone and rejected is far more terrifying than being empty and unhappy. This is when we start to sacrifice what we love… so that we can BE loved.

Sacrificing Your Dreams to Protect What’s Sacred

I hear it all the time: clients aren’t doing work they really care about because they are terrified of having their true passion tainted by the opinions of others. Criticism feels so scary that dreams will be sacrificed to protect that which feels sacred.

So often, the primary reason many of my clients stay at jobs they don’t like is that they feel safer not giving a shit about their work than caring deeply and risk being exposed.

Unfortunately, this belief system actually hinders the human brain from functioning at its optimal capacity, ultimately preventing you from truly succeeding and thriving.

Stop Hiding, Start Living!

I find myself wondering… “Is this why narcissists and sociopaths are the ones that run multi-million dollar companies or become trillionaires or presidents of the United States?” They don’t care what others think. They know what they want and they go for it, others be damned. 

What would your life look like if you stopped caring about what others think? What if you learned to bathe your inner critic in love and compassion just long enough to allow yourself some clarity and a real shot at happiness?

Perhaps you’d remember that innate playfulness and creative quality you started off with in this lifetime and make it work to your advantage. Happy, aligned people tend to find greater satisfaction professionally and financially.
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